The Fury Organization started over 10 years ago. Husband and wife Adam & Sara have been a part of the organization the last 6 years with our older daughter Bailee and competed against the Fury coaching an independent team in all the years prior. In total we have coached softball for 13 years now from 8U to 18U, Rec Level to Gold.


One thing that is important to know about us is there is a whole lot more going on with our team than just softball, to name a few, New Friends (Parents and Kids), Traveling Tourneys, Sleepovers, a focus on God, Respect, Class, and Commitment, all more important than winning softball games. Further, an encouraging and supportive atmosphere, select caliber softball, very competitive games, 1st place victories, last place victories, huge highs, and some in your face lows. But at the end of the day a great SOFTBALL FAMILY - a place where you can place some Pride in your teammates, parents, and coaches. We feel we have one of the greatest groups of parents 2 coaches could ever ask for.


All infield and outfield positions are open at the beginning of every season; we will assess the talent of the team and place players where we feel they will most benefit the team and give us the best chance to compete and win games. If you have concerns about this please talk to because as coaches we sometimes have to make some unpopular decisions. We will do our best to be as open and honest as we can with you up front always. Positions will be focused to allow girls opportunity to grow and develop in specific areas during the year. This is not an “everybody plays every position” team.