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The Fury Organization started over 10 years ago.  Your head coach - Brian Henkelman has over 5+ years of softball coaching experience and has coached 8U, 10U, 12U, 14U all at the Select/Club level.

The Fury 2010 is a 2010 Birth Year centered team entering the 12U age group

  • Must be born between 1/1/2010 and 7/31/2011 to be eligible to play on this team

  • Must have prior competitive (Select) softball experience

  • Must be committed to playing at an elevated level


One thing that is important to know about us is there is a whole lot more going on with our team than just softball.  ... to name a few, New Friends (Parents and Kids), Travelling Tourneys, Team Camp, a focus on God, Respect, Class, and Commitment. Further, an encouraging and supportive atmosphere, select caliber softball, very competitive games, 1st place victories, last place losses, huge highs, and some in your face lows.  But at the end of the day a great SOFTBALL FAMILY - a place where you can place some pride in your teammates, parents, and coaches.  We feel we have one of the greatest groups of parents a team could ever ask for. 


All infield and outfield positions are open at the beginning of every season; we will assess the talent of the team and place players where we feel they will most benefit the team and give us the best chance to compete and win games.  If you have concerns about this please talk to because as coaches we sometimes have to make some unpopular decisions.  We will do our best to be as open and honest as we can with you up front always.  Positions will be focused to allow girls opportunity to grow and develop in specific areas during the year.  This is not an “everybody plays every position” team.


2023/2024 Game, Practice and Tournament Expectations


  • League Play in Chesterfield, 8 Games, Doubleheaders Starting August 24th.

  • 5 Fall Tournaments (Aug - Oct)

  • Will deconflict as much as possible from FEEDER LEAGUE so kids can do both!


  • First Spring Practice mid-January 2024

  • 11 Spring Tournaments (March -- mid-July)  with 3-4 traveling

  • League Play in Chesterfield, 12 Games

  • Practices on Thursday and Sunday Evenings

  • Practices in either Wentzville, MO or New Melle, MO


What you can expect from us

  • Select Level Competition, Coaching, Strategy

  • Organized Fall and Spring practices and games

  • Experienced & POSITIVE atmosphere of instruction

  • Coaches that learn the needs of each individual player

  • Sound Fundamentals for Hitting, Fielding, Throwing, Running, Pitching and Catching

  • Inclusive environment for all families

  • A softball-family like culture

  • Strong Regular communication from coaches via GroupMe App

  • GameChanger & Facebook LIVE streaming of game

  • Commitment to your daughter through the Spring 2024 season


What we expect from the parents

As parents of our girls you are so important to your child’s individual success.  More than you even realize!  We care so much more about having a positive attitude than anything else, we need you to reinforce this often.  Select level softball is challenging, and it will be disappointing at times, talk with your daughter often about their attitude on the field and in the dugout when they make an error, strike out, pop up, get tagged out at home.  If they are crying, stomping, or being disrespectful they will be asked once to correct then they will be sat until the situation improves.  Parents, please do not take this lightly, if you cannot support this then you should not play on this team.  Your job as parents is to be their biggest cheerleader!  12U brings enough stress for these young athletes.  They need your love and support first and foremost.


Kids on this team are expected to work at home outside of practice to improve their hitting & fielding skills.  All batters are expected to receive some form of private hitting instruction, and the skill positions of pitcher and catcher will also need to be committed to regular private instruction to play those positions.


In addition to reinforcing our philosophy as coaches we expect a commitment to the team thru the Spring Season of 2024 (through mid-July 2024).  This commitment means making 90% of the practices, notifying us when you cannot attend, and making the Fury a priority over other sports. 

We have conduct expectations for our parents, during and after the games.  Our parents are all role models to these young ladies, there is no place on this team for bad mouthing umpires, players, coaches, or other fans…Please do not put us coaches in the uncomfortable position of having to address this.  In the years I have been coaching I have seen many parents and coaches lose their cool on other teams, and in a few instances on my team.  Any negative feelings always get back to the girls and they disrupt the trust built within the entire TEAM FAMILY.  If there is an issue or question about our coaching, we are always willing to discuss, so please come and talk with us coaches privately.


What we expect from the players

Yes, you guessed it…100% positive attitude, a willingness to learn and work hard.  Respect for the coaches, respect for the umpires, and respect for other teams regardless of the circumstances.    We expect 100% effort when at practices and at games. 

Practicing at home; Players should practice on average at least 4 times a week.  With 11-12 girls we can only spend so much 1 on 1 time, and with only 2 practices a week you have to perfect the fundamentals at home or with private instructors.

Responsibility & Commitment.  There will be uniform expectations for practices please wear Fury attire to all practices.  90% practice attendance and a commitment to the Fury thru mid-July 2022.


Costs you can expect

You will be responsible for procuring your own uniforms, bags, and matching helmets, we will utilize Fischer’s Sports & Boombah to help get you equipped with 2 game uniforms and a practice jersey.  These uniform costs are between $100-$200 (depending on your current softball wardrobe), and are unfortunately over and above the cost of the team fees.  Returning players will be able to utilize uniforms, jerseys and equipment from prior seasons.  We have tried to include the costs we will see for the entire 2023-2024 season.  We want to be as up front and honest with you on as much as possible so you can be prepared. At any time the expenditures can be made available to anyone who wishes to see them, and will be proactively distributed end of the season.

For 2023/2024 we expect the cost to be ~$1600.

If at the end of the season we have over budgeted, the balance left over will be returned to the players.  You have our commitment that there is nothing “for profit” with anything we do as a team.  As well as, the coach’s player, if on the team, pays in the exact same as every other player.


Closing Comments

Again we are so excited you chose to make the Fury an option.  Thank you for checking us out, please do not hesitate to discuss options with us, or if you have any questions at all, no matter how silly you think they are please ask.  We want to hear from you, we’ve always maintained great relationships with our parents and do not expect this new team to be any different.  God Bless!

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